Q: Why YODA? StarWars?

A: Founder's Surname.
I always hope may the force be with you.

Q: Where are you?

A: We are in Yamanashi Pref. near Tokyo JAPAN,
North of Mount FUJI.

Q: How many cars have you completed?

A: Approx. 1.000 and more.

Q: Equipment and Infrastructure?

1*Mimaki Full-width InkJet Printer

4*Mimaki and Graphtec Cutting Plotters

1* 21ft.Ford Motorhome with Graphtec Plotter onboard

Q: Can you work on my car?

A: YES! We can go to any rally event, all over the world.
(Especially Asia and Pacific regions are very accessible)

or if you have a decorator / sign writer near you,
We can send stickers via air freight.

Q: Can I order some part of sticker kit?

A: Yes, please feel free to inquire.

Q: I live in Japan, How can I do?

A: Please visit the related company in the Gallery pages.

Q: How do you make digital datas?

A: We have been keeping good relations
with a number of Rally Teams for many years.

We also have Driver, Co-Driver
and Team Management experience and
have been visiting WRC and Regional RC field
for sticker work frequently.

There are many sticker people in Japan
but please do not be confused with the
amateur's easy datas.